Com’è strutturata TravelPlace

The TravelPlace modules

The TP platform is structured and designed in modules both in terms of product and functionality to be able to adapt to the various needs of customers. Below is a graphic simplification.


ST Static Data: module distributed on the installation of the customer where all the static data coming from the suppliers are stored or manually loaded by the platform manager. Static data that is largely normalized by MindCube is kept up to date and maintained by MindCube Central Service.

DD Dynamic Data: module that the forma platform uses in the data normalization phase for information that arrives live from the various suppliers and that must be normalized in the presentation phase or to create the calculation basis for BL logics


CM Connections Manager: a fundamental module for connecting to suppliers and orchestrating all of which and how the suppliers are called, today boasts almost 100 connections between different products and suppliers. The connectors are monitored and updated as far as possible to the penultimate version with important fixes displayed by the suppliers. Furthermore, it has been designed in such a way as to be able to insert new suppliers and new products in a simple and evolutionary manner.

MT Mindturism: Mindturism is the beating heart of the integrations which aggregates all the results coming from CM compares them and then integrates them with the modules of ST and DD to give the necessary information and the bases of calculation that then the Business part managed by the customer can govern based on your commercial and marketing logics.


SM Sale Manager: Module for the management of all the commercial rules to be applied to the various sales channels and for customer clusters allowing a total flexibility and flexibility that makes up over 500 marketable rules applicable on a different cluster. Moreover, it allows the management of Black white wish list. And sales statistics directly online with simple drawing activities.


CS Customer Service: A fundamental module for managing bookings, estimates and all customer relations in an efficient and transparent manner with them and at the same time quick effective with just a few clicks designed to limit the repetitiveness of the actions and automating the routine procedures of the call center activities.


SP Set Up: One of the strengths of the flexibility and scalability of the platform, so it is possible to set different configurations such as the logics of carts or active or inactive modules per customer or per sales channel, as well as making Mindcube's upgrade interventions on the customer fast


BL Busine Logic: The motor that pulses in sales, are complex algorithms that can apply to all the various logical product combinations the sales logic that can be combined in the SM area and make them easily accessible on the front end. Managing performance and system performance that make navigation fast and reliable


FM Comunication: Key module for customer interaction. It has different functions and set-ups that allow you to personalize communication with the customer, making the report and communications sent by the system or by Customer Service to the customers of the platform quick and intuitive and completely automated.



Very importantly, the TP platform manages

  • Very importantly, the TP platform manages sales flow from research to booking services
  • sales management
  • business communications management
  • proforma invoices, payment reminders, travel document vouchers

TP is already interfacing with various sector-specific administrative management systems, not just those:

  • E-agency di Zucchetti,
  • Aves,
  • Atlante di Siap,
  • Ideal,
  • ADV booking
  • Navision.

There are no restrictions on the integration of other administrative management systems.