About us


Since 2006 we have made available to the Companies our expertise, gained over the years, through the management of projects, applications studied and modeled on the specific needs of the client and its procedures. Our goal is to optimize the activities, as well as the procedures used both within companies and in national and international sales, in e-Commerce.

The experience gained covers the corporate areas of integrated information systems, organization, logistics and ambulatory travel. Today increasingly interconnected, integrated directly with the e-Commerce part and providing services to its customers.


The goal of MindCube?

"Supporting companies in solving and managing problems / opportunities, helping to ensure that the new technological solutions proposed are integrated efficiently and functionally."

The use of the latter respects and takes into account the business environment in which they are introduced, without neglecting the internal and external organizational impacts that follow, so as to be able to manage and better understand them.


What push us

An efficient combination of organization and use of new technologies is a more flexible structure, able to support the competitiveness of today's market. In it companies have to see an opportunity to make the most of their resources employed.
Often corporate procedures and organizations are closed in rigid schemes and imposed by software. MindCube believes that there are software on the market for a specialized area, while cross-sector systems across the company excel only in targeted areas.
Our typical executive method is to integrate the specialists with each other and create the necessary and unique applications of the individual company, aligning as much as possible with the internal organization.



  • Quality and reliability in the professional relationship, innovation and excellence in skills, tested and rigorous intervention procedures;


  • Research and continuous updating on new technologies also through a system of relationships with other companies;

  • Contextualization of approaches to local realities and specific organizational cultures;

  • Ability to study and implement projects of high strategic and reorganization value, also through large interventions collaborating with other companies;

  • Partnership and coaching in the realization up to the pre-established result.


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